To get to the printer management page, click the settings button from the DFE main page.

That will bring you to the Duraflex engine controls. 

 You will see Printer Status on the left.    The second column has global print settings that effect every print job.

There are test prints you can send to the printer and maintenance you can perform on the printer. 

We'll go over these in detail below.

When you first open the Duraflex engine controls window it will look like this:

Print Settings

Pause after every job will cause the RIP to pause after the last page of every job and require the user to release the next job with a manual click on the main page of the DFE. 

This may be useful if your workflow requires frequent paper changes.

Mid Job Servicing turns on or off the Duraflex mid job servicing feature.  Please see your printer manual for more detail.

Test Prints.  You can add any job you wish to create as a test print (for quality or positioning tests for example) via the Navigator Server "Import Files" menu.  Just navigate to any PDF you wish to nominate as a test job.

Printhead Cleaning.  You can choose from three levels of printhead cleaning here.  They take increasing levels of ink and time.  Start with Light if you are not sure what to do.


There are several advanced engine controls hidden behind a lock with a password.  This is to prevent inadvertent clicking of maintenance functions that may take considerable time. 

To unlock these functions, click the lock as seen below.

A password dialog will come up.

Consult your printer supplier for this password.  The default password in our development builds is "xitron".  Your printer manufacturer may have their own password.  Once the password is accepted you will see the screen below.

The functions may be self - explanatory but please consult your printer manual for more detail on what to expect from these functions.  

Currently, these functions are:

Replace Wiper



Cap Printhead

Lower Printhead

Early versions of the Duraflex system

In early versions some of the engine control was external, in a spooler application.  

We call it "house of a thousand buttons" and do not consider it a release application.  However, you may find yourself confronting this application if you have a development system.

It contains functionality that will be contained in the DFE when development is complete.  For reference, it looks like this: