Duralink r3 is a new release of software supporting Memjet's Duralink system.  

There are three releases planned over the next several months.

The roadmap is as follows:

r3.0 will support a single PC only.  

There are several differences between 2.6 and 3.0 that need to be understood.  Those are discussed here.

-Regardless of number of printheads, this version will use a single PC.  (for reference, previous versions required 1 PC per printhead width.  So a system that was 3 printheads wide and CMYK would require 3 computers for the RIP system)  Because of the single-PC limit, r3.0 will not support all configurations. It will support monochrome up to 3-wide duplex.  AKA 3x1x2.  It will support 1 wide CMYK.  AKA 1x4.  Other configurations will be supported by the 2.6 version until  the release of r3.1.  

Transactional printing modes (to allow printing letter or A4 sheets in two streams, next to each other) will be available starting in this version.

This version now replaced by version 3.1.  Contact your support person to move to 3.1.

Get started working with r3. 

r3.1 will support multiple PCs.  

The number will be unrelated to the printhead width count.   Instead, you will be free to configure as many as are needed. This version will replace 2.6.3.  All press configurations will be supported.

Dynamic color assignment: transparently adapts to press color channels [i.e. no need to modify the RenderConfig template if the press supports fewer channels than C,M,Y,K.]

Head assignment tool for mapping printheads to RIPs.

Parallel Pages in the Harlequin RIP will be turned on.  

Stream On Start will cause the spooler to stream to the printer right away, without building up the buffer (for improving job chaining behavior)

This version is slated for Q4 2021.  Testing will commence in Mid September.

Now released....

You can use between 1 computer and as many computers as you have print stripes.  

So if you have a printer that is comprised of 3 printhead widths stitched together, you can use between 1 and 3 computers to drive this system.  

A 2 wide, CMYK, duplex system (2x4x2) can use between 1 and 4 computers.

r3.2 will change the User Interface.  The  UI of the Navigator DFE browser based UI and Memjet's PCS software will be integrated into a single, unified UI for the press.

This version is expected in Q2 of 2023.