NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex Release Notes

February 9, 2022, NavigatorDFE for DuraFlex R6.0


DFE Web Client 2.0.3  

DuraFlex Spooler  

HHR 13.1r0  

NCE v3.004  

DCE v2.2  

Postflight v51  

Please note: this release requires a scalable RIP license with concurrency of at least 4.


* Persistent RIP. See 'Configuring the RIP Farm to continue running between jobs' in DuraFlexInstallation.pdf

* RIP updated to R13.1r0.

* Manual Calibration and Tone Curves are pushed on the fly for each job, AKA 'jobpush'.

* SLP is now installed under `%programdata%\Xitron`.

* Selected symbol files will be installed into the Navigator\Symbols folder.

* The installer no longer installs the two duplex fake press definitions.

* Spooler changes to support scaleable HHR.

* Corrected an issue with jobs that restart after being archived to and back off disk in the thumbnailing code. 

* Implemented change to Pause behaviour. 

* DuraFlex Spooler will default to Stream on Start.

* The installer will now configure the Windows firewall to allow XiService, XiEvents, clrip.

* Added PRE_JOB declog mode option to the Hydration configuration dialog.

* Added the ability to set the maximum speed for both DuraFlex resolutions.

* Added the ability to configure the press speed for each Y resolution (954 and 1600) on the DuraFlex System Device Advanced dialog. See Installation instructions FAQ section.

* Updated User Resources\Utilities, including:

    * Added BackRest for configuration backup/restore.

    * Added XiSettings for easy editing of .ini file settings. See its Readme.txt file for final installation step.


* DFE Web App

    * New functionality

        * Media Size Column in Jobs Table now shows and sorts actual page dimensions if no XiPosition Media Size has been set.

        * Clicking the Selected column's header in the Jobs Table toggles selecting all jobs in the table.

        * New Jobs Table Columns: Job Number, Workflow, Printed, Last Printed, Paper, Time Stamp.

        * Jobs Table Columns can now be reordered by drag and drop.

        * Jobs Table Columns can now be shown or hidden via Settings Panel.

        * Jobs Table Columns in the Recent tab can be sorted.

        * Jobs Queue can be reordered by sorting table columns.

        * DuraFlex TOF Adjustment added to DuraFlex settings dialog.

        * Job Editor Dialog now includes Calibration and Tone Curve Color settings.

        * Job Editor dialog now displays name of the job and the job's dimensions.

        * Thumbnail of the running job will now update as it progresses through the workflow.

        * Changing the "Quality" in the Job Editor now refreshes all of the settings in the associated Render Config from Navigator Configurations Editor.  Choose the resolution or quality setting first.  Then, the other settings related to it don't need to be touched unless you wish to override them.  This was to address a user complaint about having to always change every setting even though many of the settings can be associated as a group inside the NCE.  

    * Bug fixes

        * Fixed issue where clicking a button's label would sometimes not activate the button.

        * DuraFlex Settings Pause After Every Job now works even if another setting is changed immediately after it.

        * Jobs Table is now also sortable by Job Name.

        * Jobs Table no longer automatically sorts in reverse chronological order when switching tab views.


    * Revised appearance.

    * Added Tone Curve editor to NCE.

    * Tone Curve import moved from Color Profiles tab to Tone Curves tab.

    * Changes to JSON formats to support 'jobpush' calibration.


* This release supports PES API versions 4.2.3, 5.0.2, and 5.2.0 with no Xitron software change required.

* Although existing manual calibrations will be preserved and converted to the new 'jobpush' method. If these had been saved as 'Use as default' in NCE, only the main adjustments will be honored, not the adjustments in the default curve.

* `DuraFlex_TIFF_Input Instructions.pdf` describe two modes for TIFF input. For DuraFlex R6.0, only Mode 1, where the list of TIFF files is fully enumerated, is supported.

* Tone Curve selection moved from Color Profiles tab to Render Configs tab. Any existing Tone Curve selection made on the NCE or DCE Colors tab will not be preserved, the selection will need to be remade in the NCE RenderConfigs tab or DFE.

* Manual Calibration will now use 'push' calibration in-line in the job's RenderConfig. Ink Limiting is not yet implemented; the control is hidden.

* If the RIP fails to find the selected calibration or tone curve, it issues a warning in its log but does not error the job. If this occurs, it should be highlighted at the top of the Postflight report.