This document outlines the steps on how to change to the polarity of a Trendsetter CTP using HyperTerminal.

  1. Download & Install HyperTerminal
  2. Launch HyperTerminal
  3. Set a name. (can be anything)
  4. Leave the Icon as is
  5. Click OK

  6. Connect To window
     Connect using: “set the COM port #”
  7. Click Configure

  8. COM # Properties:
    Bits per second: 9600
    Data bits: 8
    Parity: None
    Stop bits: 1
    Flow control: None
    Click OK

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  9. Click OK on the Connect To window

  10. In the HyperTerminal click the phone icon to make the connection (Third icon from the left)

  11. The window will display “>>” when connected

  12. Type “List Media” then press the Enter key


  13. Type “set media 3” then press Enter (3 just represents the media value from the screen shots. You should set the media number to the media number that you are going to modify)

    HyperTerminal will display the media settings see below screen shots 

  14. Type “set media 3 inv 1” then press Enter

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  15. Type “nvs save media 3” then press Enter

  16. Type “set media 3 inv” then press Enter

  17. To verify the change type “List Media” then press Enter. The media list should now display the media that you changed as “Inverted” instead of “Not Inverted”
  18. Close HyperTerminal