Variegator/Plate Controller Dongle Activation

Xitron’s Variegator/Plate Controller dongles are blank by default and require activation.  The dongle is typically programmed internally before shipping, but there may be times (such as rush orders) when this does not occur. Under those circumstances, programming in the field will be necessary. Follow these steps to activate the dongle:

1. Create a directory where the "package" and the activating .exe reside. 

2. Place the "package" and the  “CreateVelocityDongle.exe” for Variegator or "CreateCslDongle.exe" for the Plate Controller in this folder.  Make sure the number on the package correlates with the number printed on the label of the dongle.  The  “CreateVelocityDongle.exe” and "CreateCslDongle.exe" can be found here:

\\loki\Dongle Permits\Dongle Activation Applications

3. Open the folder containing the package and the correct .exe.  Holding the "shift" key, right-click to open a command line window. 

Suppose you get the Open PowerShell window rather than the Command Prompt.  Follow the directions in the document "Adding Command Prompt to Windows Explorer Right-Click Menu."

4. Run the dongle activation program.

5. The dongle pulls the information needed for licensing and becomes activated.

6. Launch the application to verify and verify functionality.