When programming Variegator or Plate Controller dongles remotely, there may be times when you right-click on the folder to enter the Command Prompt, and you get access to Powershell instead.  This document describes how to add the Right-Click access to Command Prompt again.

1. Type Regedit in the Start\Run dialog window to launch the application.

2. Navigate to HKEY_CLASS_ROOT\Directory|shell.

3. Right-Click on the shell and choose the New Key.

4. Name the key "CommandPrompt" without the quotes

5. Double-click on the default value and change the text to "Command Prompt Here."

6. Right-Click on the new Command Prompt Here key and create another "new key."

7. Name the new key "Command." 

8. Double-click the new key to open and add the text below to the data.

cmd.exe /k cd %1

9. When you right-click on a folder, you will now get an option to "Open Command Prompt."