First things first - ask yourself - do you want to open this can of worms? We can't support this as it would be a nightmare if it worked for some fonts and not others because of compatibility. That said, sometimes it is unavoidable to try to assist. Use this at your own peril. If it doesn't import your specific font because the HHR isn't compatible with the format, I won't be able to help you. This is as-is.

Edit the .ps file attached to this document and edit it to point to the font that you want to install. Save it. It's easiest to place it in the bin folder of the RIP you are trying to install to.

Open a command prompt and navigate to the bin folder of the production RIP. Type in the following:

HHR "HHR Font"

Yes, there's a PostScript error at the end. Scroll up in the command prompt window and verify that the font was installed. It should be in the font list that follows. At some point I'll clean up the PostScript file to not throw the error, but as I'm writing this I am crunched for time.