New in the DFE webclient is the ability to calibrate your device from within the webclient itself. The following is a step by step instruction.

In the main screen select the settings button

Once Settings have been selected, in the pop up window select the profile you are using


After Target prints, allow 15 mins for drying. Once dry, make sure Spectrophotometer is calibrated. If it is not, do so now by turning the wheel so the "light" is pointing at the calibration symbol (next symbol counter-clockwise).

After calibration, select the button labeled CYAN TARGET, line up i1 studio so the "light" is positioned to start on the left of the patches starting in the white paper area and the body of the i1 Studio is lined up with the CYAN patches.

Hold the button on back side of i1 Studio, and slowly drag it across the cyan patches until the "light" has passed all the patches and rests on white paper once again. At this point, release the button. The program will let you know whether on not your scan was successful. Repeat this step for the remaining three colors.

After successful scanning, select PRINT CALIBRATED TARGET .

Verify calibration is correct. If incorrect, scan this new target using the steps outlined above. Once completed, select PRINT CALIBRATED TARGET once again to validate the calibration.