Title: Render fails when using "Convert RGB Grey to Black"
Equipment: Xenith Sierra V6.5

Date: 07/01/2015
Note: Update 03/07/15. This issue  has been fixed in V6.5.0.1

This note has been released to inform engineers of an issue when using Xenith Sierra V6.5. It does not affect earlier versions of the product.

If the colour settings in a job are set to "Convert RGB Grey to Black" the job will fail with the following errors:

JDFPlayer ERROR: Invalid value specified. Incorrect Value 'Convert' for attribute Operation
< ColorSpaceConversionOp Operation >
Unexpected APPE error: 19, 'Invalid surface'
Rendering did not complete successfully for 1 surface(s).
Rendering failed.

Engineers should consider waiting for the fix before upgrading customers who use this functionality.