Starting with version 10.1 Xitron Navigator RIPs may be licensed with either the LDK system or with Harlequin License Server (HLS).

HLS requires a USB hardware key or 'dongle' and may include codes as well.  

LDK licenses the RIP with a code only.  No hardware is required.  The LDK license code is called a "Product Key".

The above statements currently apply only to the RIP, and not to Navigator Server.

Navigator 10.1r2 ships with HLS as the default licensing mode.  

However, Navigator 10.1r2 may be licensed with either method.

If you order a disk, or download an installer, you will end up with a RIP that is looking for a dongle.  If you order a RIP preconfigured on a computer, it will be licensed appropriately for you.

New installations:

There are three possible 'new installation' licensing situations.

  1. You are installing a new RIP and you have a dongle, with an accompanying code sheet.   You have the appropriate licensing mode. Just run the installer. 
  2. You are installing a new RIP and you have an LDK Product Key. Warning.  In this case you have the incorrect licensing mode until you follow these steps:.
  • After the installation is complete, but before you attempt to run the RIP, run the utility "Convert_to_LDK" (attached to this article).  
  • Before you attempt to run the RIP, enter the Product Key into the LDK License Tool, located under the Start Menu at Start/Navigator.
  • You order a RIP pre-configured on a computer from Xitron.  In this case, regardless of licensing method, we will set it up correctly for you. 

  • Upgrades:

    You have a USB dongle.  The RIP is expecting this.  You can perform an upgrade in the normal way.

    Switching the license mode:

    If you need to switch from one license method to the other, download the attached zip files.

    "Convert_to_HLS" will convert a RIP from LDK licensing to HLS. 

    "Convert_to_LDK" will convert a RIP from HLS licensing to LDK.