Oct 15, 2015 

Software versions included:

Server & Client



10.0r1 (x64)

Aspen Output plugin

Durango Spooler

MultiRIP Config Tool





New resolution modes

The system supports several new resolution modes. The lower resolutions will render faster.  The lower resolutions may support higher paper path speeds. 

The supported resolutions are:





Whether your printer supports each of these modes is a separate question. You should separately determine which resolutions are appropriate for your press.

Spot color support

Spot color support has been added to the standard Aspen plug-in.  This allows for the rendering and delivery of spot colors to a 5th blade equipped with a spot color.  This is distinct from CMYKS mode which is a special case.

Spot color may be supported by sending files appropriately containing 1 or more spot colors.  If there are more spot colors than one in a job, the user may need to use the ink remapping tool to set up the job properly.  To configure your RIP to output spot color, you will need a separation style in the Page Setup Manager that allows for the spot color to be printed, rather than converted to process.

Separation style that will convert spot colors to a CMYK mixture: 

 A separation style that will send down the spot colors in the job to the press:


CMYKS mode

There is a new device inside the Aspen plugin, available only through a special license.

This device allow for mixing spot and cmyk inks to alter the spot color channel in a print job. It is a special case mode and is not necessary for the support of a fifth color blade.


Changes and additions; new and rolled up from previous versions.



Workflow version 6123


Disable a socket call at boot time that was locking up the system at a customer site.

Change back the Thumbnail licensing.

Improve capture of output plugin errors that happen at the end of jobs.



Aspen output plugin 2111


Remove unsupported resolution pairs


Rolled up from previous versions.

Aspen output plugin 2109


Improve capture of output plugin errors that happen at the end of jobs.

Add the optional CMYKS mode.


From Aspen R5.1:
- Support the swatch sheet for Spot color remapping on a multi-head press.
- Include the Remora resolution modes.
- Support for SetGold on the multi-head press

- Better support for single page jobs on a single head press. In R5, the job could not be re-queued from inside the Press workflow, or if it went first through the Prep workflow it would be padded up to the number of RIPs in use.
- Handle jobnames (group lists, actually) that start with multibyte (e.g. Japanese or Chinese) chars.

From Aspen R5.2:
- Add double book mode to the Page Filter Action.
- Aspen output plugin (and Durango Spooler) v2019. Add the ability to change the device width through the .ini file.

From Aspen CMYKS:
- Aspen CMYKS mode, a new device (inside the RIP output plugin), and a new way of adjusting spot colors.
- Output all the CMYKS swatch sheet pages in one job.
- Disable a call at boot time that was locking up the system at a customer site.
- Revert bit 11 to be Thumbnail Action again, CMYKS on the server is simply enabled through an .ini setting.
- Attempt to catch Aspen plugin output errors and report them in the client.