There is a resolution limitation in the Page Set Up user interface of 8000 dpi but the RIP is capable of higher resolutions. In order to achieve resolutions between 8001 and 9900 DPI you must enable a page feature in the RIP. You can do that with any high resolution RIP. For resolutions higher than 9900 you must get a special license from Xitron.


Download a copy of the page feature “Enable Higher Resolutions” .  It is attached to this article.  You may also assemble it yourself from Appendix A. 

 (This document uses a special version called “Enable 9600 DPI”.  This is simply renamed for clarity of purpose in the page setup. You may edit the actual resolution and the name of the file to reflect that resolution.) 

Put this file into the “page features” folder at path <rip directory>/SW/page features.


Configure a page setup as shown. Check “Enable Feature” and choose the page feature you installed.


Choose a resolution outside the range presented by the dropdown menu for resolutions.  i.e. type it in manually.  Any resolution outside the presented range will do.  e.g. 50. 

In this example I have manually typed the resolution of 8000.


Make sure that “Override resolution in job” is NOT checked. If you check that box then your desired resolution will be replaced with the resolution shown in the Page Setup’s resolution configuration.


You must create a custom separation and screening style as well.


Create a custom separation and screening style and name it after your desired DPI & LPI combination.  (In this example: “9600DPI / 200 LPI”)

The reason we chose a resolution in the Page Setup user interface that is outside of the range of drop-down menu choices is that the RIP then consults the default for user-entered DPI ranges. In the absence of LPI information in the job the RIP always consults a resolution/frequency pair from this list.

Click on “10.0-8000.0” and then, under “edit selected row” type in whatever LPI frequency you desire.

Click again on “10.0-8000.0” and the RIP will take that setting. Click “Ok” and set your Page Setup to use this separation and screening style.



When you run a job through this Page Setup it should result in a 9600 DPI job (or whatever DPI you edit the page feature to provide).

To check, click the ripped job in the Output Controller and click “info”. You should see something that looks like the picture below.









Appendix A.  The text of the page feature.



%%Title: Enable Higher Resolutions

%%Creator: E Nelsen, Xitron


%% The user interface of the Page Setup Manager disallows resolutions higher than 8000 dots per inch.

%% The RIP is capable of rendering files at a greater resolution however. This snippet of postscript allows it.

%% The format for the resolution is e.g. [9600 9600] for a square resolution of 9600 dpi.

%% Edit the section below to obtain your desired resolution.  Most dongles are limited to 9900 dpi. 

%% Even higher resolutions are possible, but for these you must consult Xitron.



<< /HWResolution [9600 9600] >> setpagedevice