Instructions for transferring an LDK license from one computer to another.


Note:This procedure transfers the entire key. That is, the RIP license, any layered options and protected plugins.

1.Install the RIP onto the new machine.

2.On the new machine start the LDK tool and select Transfer License,  followed by Transfer to this computer.

3.Select Create. You are prompted to save a "<machine name>.recipient.c2v" file. Select Save. When the .c2v file is saved click OK. The dialog displays a Locate option. Leave this dialog open.

4.Copy the "<machine name>.recipient.c2v" file to the computer currently running the RIP.  i.e. the source computer.

5.On the source computer start the LDK tool and select Transfer License, followed by Transfer from this computer. One or more key IDs will be displayed in a dropdown list in the Key ID field. Select the key ID you wish to transfer, and click Transfer…. Browse to and select the "<machine name>.recipient.c2v" file.

6.When the transfer file is selected you are prompted to save an "<XXX>.h2h" file. Where XXX is the key ID.

7.Now move the <XXX>.h2h file to the new recipient machine.

8.On the recipient machine select Locate. You are prompted to select the "<XXX>.h2h" file. Select this file and click Select. A Key Transfer Successful message will appear.

The RIP will now run on the new machine and will not run on the older machine.