An update to the CIP (Press ink data) output plugin has been released.  The change from 1.5 to 1.6 is to support space characters.  If you are currently experiencing no problems with your CIP output then your upgrade to this version is entirely optional.  This version has been verified with version 11 RIPs.

CIP3 output plugin v1.6r1 release notes.
The CIP3 plugin will now preserve space characters within the names of the output files it generates.
This is controlled by a new Allow Spaces checkbox in the Filename section at the top of the CIP3 plugin configuration dialog.
The default setting is to remove any such space characters (i.e., it exhibits the same behavior as it does currently).

• Using the CIP3 configuration default filename settings of 8 characters + 4 digits + “ppf” extension:

“Name with spaces” -> “Namewith0000.ppf”for the output file name
• Using the same settings but with the Allow spaces option enabled:
“Name with spaces” -> “Name wit0000.ppf” for the output file name.