Server Overview

After launching the Navigator Server application, the Server Dialog appears on the Server PC or Xitron Network Interface:

This window displays information about the Server including its serial number, name and other variables. You may display or hide the Tool Bar and Status bar through the View Menu. To exit the Server, use the File > Exit menu selection or the Exit button at the top right corner of the window.

Server Log in

A special user account called Administrator has full rights to configure the Navigator Server. Upon installation, the Administrator password is blank. The only active menu item is Server Setup > Administrator Login. Choose this option, and click OK, leaving the password field blank. You now have access to the full range of Server features. Xitron strongly recommends setting a password for the Administrator user during initial set-up. Go to Server Setup > Users dialog to set the password. Any further changes to the configuration will require logging in as Administrator and entering the correct password.

The Navigator Server must be configured when it is installed and when changes to the system are required.

The most common Navigator Server items to configure in a RasterBlaster system are

  • Users and Groups
  • Plate Devices
  • Web Server
  • File Name Templates

User Management

All system users must register with the Server. Depending on the options purchased, the system limits the number of Users who can simultaneously connect. However, there is no limit to the number of users who can be defined at the Server. For example, you might have a 5-User system, but 12 employees who work different shifts. You can define 12 different Users at the Server, and any 5 of them can be connected at one time. If you wish to upgrade your system to support more simultaneous Users, this can be done via a password through the Upgrade Product dialog.

To manage Users, select the Server Setup > Users menu item.

To create a new User

Click Add, and enter the User name and Password as shown in the next figure labeled Create a User on page 16.

Note that a password is not strictly necessary. If this field is left blank, this User may connect to the system without a password. Specify the User type by clicking one of the Radio Buttons. Choose Administrator or Standard User, or by clicking on the permissions button, create a Special User. The Permissions available are shown in the figure labeled User Permissions.

Create a User

User Permissions

Depending on the type of User created, certain restrictions will apply. For instance, Administrators have all Permissions allowed while Standard Users can only Delete or Release jobs. Special Users are created if you select any other combination of Permissions. After establishing Permissions, click OK until the system returns to the User dialog shown earlier. Confirm the new User(s) is/are shown correctly.

To Delete a User

Access the Users dialog (Server Setup > Users menu), highlight the User to delete, and click Delete.

To Modify a User Account

Access the Users dialog (Server Setup > Users menu), highlight the User to change, and click Modify. Make the changes as outlined above for a New User.

When all changes or additions are complete, click Done to close the Users dialog.