To run the browser client, the RasterBlaster Web Server must be enabled. Your RasterBlaster system may have shipped with the Web Server already enabled. Follow these instructions to start, stop and change the port configuration of the web server.

Log-in to the Navigator Server

From the Navigator Server dialog, click the Server Setup menu.

Select Administrator Login.

Enter the Administrator password. By default, there is no password. Simply push the OK button and leave the Password field blank.

Select Server Settings

Open WebServer configuration

Configure Web Server

  1. If the Web Server is stopped, click the Start Web Server button to start it. The button label will change to Starting WebServer followed by Stop WebServer.
  2. To stop the Web Server, click Stop WebServer -
  3. To change the port the Web Server users, first stop the Web Server and then edit the port number. The default port is 80. Note that if you change the port to something other than 80, it will be necessary to append a colon and the port number to the IP address entered into the browser to access the RasterBlaster Browser Client. For example, if the port is set to 8080 and the IP address is, the address of the web client will become