Viewing and Exporting Logs

RasterBlaster maintains a log of all jobs the system images. This can be useful for inventory or waste tracking purposes.  It is possible to filter and export the log to a CSV file that can be imported into a spreadsheet or other data analysis tool for further processing.

Open the log window

From the Browser Client, click the Log button.

Viewing and searching log entries

The log window displays information about all the plates imaged.

You can search for a particular job by using the search bar.

Editing a log entry

You can edit the log entry to track the reason why a plate was imaged or to write notes.

To edit a log entry:

  1. Double click on a job.
  2. Choose a plate imaging category to describe why the plate was imaged. By default, the system assigns the category "New Job" to all job parts.
  3. Enter a note if desired.
  4. Click Apply. 

The changes will be reflected in the log table and stored permanently in the database.

Advanced Filtering

To filter a job by date, operator, or queue:

  1. Click Filter Log
  2. Enter in a date filter, if desired. It's possible to show jobs for the last X days, weeks, years or select a custom range.
  3. Choose an operator to filter by, if desired.
  4. Choose a queue to filter by.
  5. Click Apply to return to the job log window and apply the filter.  Filters can be used separately or in combination. For example, you can filter for jobs that were imaged in the last week, by user Administrator for the Komori press.

Exporting logs

You can export the logs that are displayed by clicking the Export Log button. Any filters that are selected will be applied to the logs. The logs are saved to the local hard drive as a CSV, or Comma Separated Value text file.

The exported CSV can be imported to a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel or other tools for further processing and analysis.