1. Xitron Network Interface (B3)
2. AC/DC Power Adapter
3. Xitron Device Interface Cable (model specific)

Note: You can connect to the XNI remotely using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection Software or by directly connecting a Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse.

Alternatively, you can use avoid the need for connecting to a mouse, keyboard and monitor by using the Remote Desktop Connection tool from Microsoft. This tool allows you to control XNI remotely from a different computer. It is preinstalled in most versions of Microsoft Windows and is also available for Apple Mac OS X.

Instructions for installing the Remote Desktop tool on a Mac OSX are available here:

Each Xitron Network Interface comes from the factory with a name such as xni-012345, where 0123456 is the serial number of the computer. The serial number of the XNI can be found on the bottom of the interface or on the box it shipped in.

The default username and password are:





For more instructions, visit the Xitron Network Interface website: