How to backup your LDK license


How to reinstall it after a system failure

If you are used to using RIPs with hardware keys or dongles it may help you to think about the LDK license as the dongle. You want to retain this license. This document explains how to back up your license file and how to recover from a hardware problem such as a disk reformat, a disk, or a motherboard replacement.   Please be aware that this process will NOT work loading on a new computer.

If you don’t backup your LDK license prior to a system failure, it may be difficult to recover it.

  1. Back up your existing LDK file or files to a safe location.
    The existing LDK license files are located at this path:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\SafeNet Sentinel\Sentinel LDK\installed\109670
    In this folder, you many find one or more files that are named XXXXXXXXXXXXXX_base.v2c (where X=numbers or letters) or XXXXXXXXXXXXXX_update1.v2c. Back all of these files up.
    Should you experience a hard disk failure and request replacement copies of these v2c files from Xitron, we may be able to email these files to you. It is best if you back them up though. We cannot guarantee to hold every license forever.
    After reformatting or replacing your hard disk, place all v2c files on your desktop as we will need them for the following steps.
  2.  Reinstall the rip/server software as you ordinarily would. Skip any prompts the installer may give you for entering an LDK code.
  3.  Once your software has been installed, use the Windows program launcher to find the LDK Web Server.
    This program icon will be installed in the group with your rip program (Navigator, Mcolor, Northstar, etc.)
  4. In the LDK Web Server, select "Update/Attach"
  5. In the LDK Web server, next select “Choose file” and then browse to your v2c file. In the event you have both a
    “base” and “update” v2c files, select the “base” v2c file first. Then click “Open.” 
  6.  In the LDK Web server, next to “Update/Attach”, you should see the name of your LDK displayed (note underlined
    file name in the below screen shot). Click the “Apply file” button. If the LDK Web server reports an error with this
    step, stop and take a screen shot of the error and send it into Xitron Technical support @
  7. If you received an update v2c LDK license file, or had one in your backup, repeat steps 4-6, this time selecting
    your XXXXXXXXXXXXXX_update1.v2c file.
  8. Go to your Windows Services, locate the Sentinel LDK license manager, “right click” on that service and select “Restart.”
  9. Your rip should now start under the previously installed LDK licensing. If it does not, report any errors to
    Xitron Technical support @