Cost Calculator version 2.0 has been released.

Support for bulk cost calculation has been added.  

To use this feature, choose multiple PDF's on your computer and drag them all to the cost calculator drag and drop area.  Release them.  

When you successfully submit multiple jobs to be processed together, it will look like the picture below.

All the jobs you submit together will be processed with the settings you select.  A csv file with results for each job will be exported.

Choose that option with the new available button.

You'll get a file that looks something like this:

We have also made changes to the reporting for clarity and for customer preference.

Some customers prefer (cc) cubic centimeters and some prefer (ml) milliliters.  We now honor both groups of people.

We made it clear when we were reporting about a single copy and when we were taking into account the quantity value.

Support has also been added for 2 bit screening.  This will allow the cost calculator to support greyscale print heads.   If you need access to this feature, contact Xitron.  It is dependent on some infrastructure being available to your account (RIP settings, ICC profiles, screening).

A few bug fixes were squashed as well.