There are three ways to submit a job to the DFE to be printed.

1. Click the "Add Job" button and navigate to a file.

2.  Drag and Drop onto the DFE screen.

3.  Hot folder input.

1.  Add Job button

Locate the add job button on the web interface.

Select the + button. Navigate to your file in the pop-up window.  Select your file, then select the OPEN button. 

2.  Drag and Drop

You may also simply drag a PDF right over the "Add Job" button.  When the icon of the PDF says "Copy", you can drop it.  

Whether you Drag and Drop or use the file navigation window, you'll come to the same job ticket window.   After the file is uploaded the QUICK EDITS screen is opened.

In this screen you can make various changes such as rotations, print range, collation, etc. You can also select the FULL JOB EDITOR at the top right.

In this screen you can do the same changes as the QUICK JOB EDITOR as well as changing the Paper Profile, Overall Color Changes and Spot Color Adjustments. When you have made any necessary changes, select "Print" and your file will be sent to the printer.

3.  Hot folder

You can save or copy or drag a PDF directly to the DFE folder at c:/Navigator/Workflows/DFE.

Files copied in this way will go directly into the queue on hold with default configuration settings.  

You can either release the job to print or edit the job's settings before printing.

To edit the print settings first, highlight the job and click the Edit Job button.

To simply print the job with default settings, highlight the job and click the Release button.