Adobe pushed an update that broke the compatibility between Acrobat and inpO2 on August 13th. 
Acrobat DC 2019.012.20036


The situation is being investigated by Dynagram R&D but they cannot say when or if this will be resolved. The only known solution is to revert the Acrobat install to a version prior to August 13 (2019.012.20034 or older).  Some people have used Time Machine to roll their Macs back to an earlier state.  If Time Machine is not an option, you will need to manually roll back your Acrobat version.  Adobe has helped some customers roll back while others were told it’s not possible.  Xitron has worked with a few customers and had success following the steps below.


1) Back up your Inpo2 preference files. The images below shows where this can be found on the Mac.





2) Uninstall Acrobat DC 2019.012.20036. Important: You need to make sure there are no installers for this version in the Downloads folder, otherwise the update will be re-applied.


3) Download these two installers:



2018 full install:


Update to Acrobat DC 2019.012.20034 link:



4) Install the 2018 version, launch it and disable automatic updates in Preferences.


5) Run the 2019.xx.0034 updater, launch and disable the automatic updates again.
Don’t be alarmed if it appears to hang. You will get a message there is less than a minute remaining, but it is not accurate…leave it running until it completes.



6) Download the Inpo2 Mac installer from the link provided below


7) The Inp02 plugin (both 6.0 and 6.1) is causing Acrobat to update to Acrobat DC 2019.012.20036 even with updates disabled (again, important this installer is not present on the Mac. You may want to do a  ‘Search’ for .dmg files so any installers are easy to spot). 


8) Remove the network cable and reboot the Mac


9) Install Inpo2. You may get a license error but it should then complete successfully.
The dongle was activated when Inp02 was initially installed.


10) Reboot the Mac and verify that Acrobat and Inpo2 are up and running.


11) Plug the network cable back in, restart the Mac and make sure the Acrobat version is 
Acrobat DC 2019.012.20034.