When you print a job you have the option to check "Archive".  If you do that the job ticket will be saved with the job and the job can be re-printed from the archive exactly as it was last printed.

Below you will see a job in the queue, printing.  It has the Archive checked, as you can see.

There are 3 places to find jobs.  The print queue, recent jobs, and archive.

When a job completes it will go to recent jobs for a while.  It will eventually be deleted from here.  The system keeps the last several jobs after they were printed in case something goes wrong in finishing.  You can always reprint a job from recent jobs or from archive.  

The path for jobs through the queues is this:

1. New jobs enter the Print Queue.  When they are printed, they are removed from the Print Queue and go to Recent Jobs..  

2. Completed jobs go to the Recent Jobs area.  They will be deleted from here when more jobs are entered into the system.  You may also delete them manually if you choose.

3. When a job is deleted from recent jobs, it either disappears or it goes to the archive.  So if you don't see your archived job in the archive, it's probably in recent jobs.  

If you can't find a job easily, you can search for it in the search field:

To run a job from the archive, select the job and click or push the requeue button.

The recent jobs queue acts just like the print queue.  If your job is in here, click the edit (pencil) button to reprint it.