When you get error messages or other feedback from your printer either in the DFE or at the printer itself, you can visit the device screen in the DFE to clear the error or perform maintenance. 


You can also go there to change settings such as Top Of Form timing or mid-job servicing.

What you find there depends upon the printer.

Some examples follow.  Some of these screens are from prototype systems for printers in development and may not look as you'll see them in the field.  However, this screen will depend entirely on the printer you have and the features the printer manufacturer requires.

To get to the printer management page, click the settings button from the DFE main page.

For example, an Astro S1 printer based on the Memjet Sirius will look like this:

An HP f-1000 printer will look something like this: (this is a screen capture from a development build)


A printer based on Memjet Duraflex will look like this:

We will build whatever interface is necessary for a printer that we support.   So what you'll find here depends on your printer.  Your printer manual will help you to decode the settings and controls we have here.