The Navigator Digital Front End is a print management system for digital printers.  It supports web and sheet fed printers and printing presses from desktop to light industrial to heavy industrial.

Based on the fast and accurate Harlequin Host Renderer, the Navigator DFE can prepare your jobs, help you keep track of them, position them on paper, control the color with several color management and calibration tools, and is ready to support a host of inkjet drive electronics and printheads from many manufacturers.  

Using a scalable RIP farm system allows for any printing speed to be matched.   

If you have a printing press product to bring to market, the Navigator DFE can help you get there quickly. 

Here is an introductory look at the interface and the controls:

The main job screen is divided into two main sections.  

The top third is feedback from the DFE and from the printer about the currently printing job.

The bottom 2/3 is the job queue.

The UI is designed to work just as well with a touch screen or a keyboard and mouse.  Consult your sales representative for a recommendation of a good, compatible touch screen.

Looking at the top third of the main screen. . . 

Feedback is always in front of the DFE operator.

On the left hand side you will find job data.  

In the center is the thumbnail view of the currently printing job.  

On the right is feedback from the printer and printer controls.   You can cancel or pause the running job.  You can access the printer control panel.  

The primary job ticketing is done through this interface, which pops up automatically when you submit a job:

                To learn more, the next step is to learn how to print a job through the DFE.