Configuration for the DFE is performed behind the Settings button.

There are 4 possible destinations in Settings;  Printer Control, Configuration Editor, Help, and the Gear icon.

Printer Control is different for each printer.  In this case it shows a Neopost Mach 6 printer.  

All controls necessary to configure and maintain the printer are located here.

See your printer documentation for more specific information.

Configuration Editor allows you to change calibration and color settings.

To learn how to calibrate, please follow this link.

To learn how to configure color management, please follow this link.

The Help tab brings you to this very website.  

The gear icon lets you set some preferences for the web client.

Job Editor Starts In:

You can choose whether the job ticket editor uses the "Quick Edits" or the "Full Job Editor" by default.  Or you can have it use whichever was the last one you used.

On Job Editor Print:  please ignore this.  

On-Screen Keyboard:

You can also set this on the main screen, next to the search field.  When the icon shows only a keyboard then the system is set to expect input from a keyboard.  When it shows a keyboard inside a monitor, the system is set to pop up a touch screen keyboard on screen when you enter a field (such as the search field) where input is required.

Setting the keyboard input preferences can also be accomplished from the main screen.  Just click or press the button to change the behavior back and forth.