This document is for printer manufacturers and other direct customers of Xitron who may use this system for their own customers.

End users of the system do not need to read this information.

NOTE:  Step 1 for adding a new customer to your account is an important step.  Without this step, you risk contaminating price information and other information across your sub-accounts.

The system is designed so that you can add sub-accounts for your own customers.  They will each have their own data.  They can have separate ICC profiles, separate pricing, dot volume sizing, etc.   

You will have been given two login credentials to start.  One of these is your admin account.  The instructions in this document can only be carried out from within an admin account.

Setting up a new customer:

1.  Contact Xitron Support ( with a request to add a new company.  We need the company name and which paper profiles you want them to access.    We will add that company to the system from a day to about a week's time.  This company appears in the system as a "Group".  Each customer belongs to a company; each user belongs to a group.  

For our example, we will add a new customer called "The Pennsylvania Gazette".

2. login to the system with your admin account.

Go to the "Permission Settings" tab.

3. Add a user.  In addition to adding a user name and password, you may add an expiration date for the account.  You will not be able to add the account until you choose a "group" to add the user to.  This is the company name for your new customer.  In the below example we have added a user named Joseph to the company "The Pennsylvania Gazette".  The Pennsylvania Gazette will have its own data shared among the users you add to that group.  Other users will not share or see that data.

After you click "Add" the user will be added to your user list.

When Joseph logs in he will not see this user list or any data from any other group.    The 2 users from the group "The Pennsylvania Gazette" will share cost data.  Each group has its own data.

For more information on the cost calculator please follow this link.