Welcome to the Duralink compatibility chart.  We hope you enjoy your stay.

This chart details test results from Memjet and Xitron as to which versions work together. 

Compatibility testing is targeted and strict.  If a compatibility is not noted, then none is claimed.

Current version note:  As of October 4, 2021, there are two supported versions of the RIP.  2.6.3 and 3.0.  Both are compatible with DLSS-19A and 19B.

3.0 supports 3-wide monochrome systems and 1-wide color systems.

Other configurations are supported by 2.6.3.  

Updates to the r3 system will result in full support for all configurations in r3.1.

Read more about r3 and r3.1 here:



DLSS versionPES APIRIP APIJSLODCXitron DuraLink RIP version
DLSS-19B35_222_110.0.17.5 1-3
7.5 1-3
35-222_110.0.17.5 1-3r3.0
2_1 1-3
2_1 1-3
7.5 1-3
2_18.1.17.5 1-3r2.6
2_1 1-1R2.6
8.17.3 1-6R2.5
DLSS-16A32_191_18.1.07.2 1-1R2.4
32_191_17.0.07.1 2-1R2.2
DLSS-14A31_191_17.0.07.1 0-1R2.2
DLSS-13A29_181_17.0.06.0 0-1R2.2
DLSS-12B29_181_17.0.05.2 0-1
DLSS-12A29_181_17.0.05.2 0-1R2.1
DLSS-11B26_15n/a6.3.04.2 1-1R2 [AKA R2 7035 RC2]
DLSS-10A26_15n/a6.3.03.0 0-1R2 [AKA R2 7035 RC2]

Edited on October 4, 2021:

Deleted some redundant or irrelevant chart data.  Added new compatibilities for DLSS 19A and 19B.

Edited August 11, 2021:

2.6.3 adds "stream on start" to improve job chaining success.  Stream on Start has the spooler immediately sending pages to the printer rather than building up a buffer first.

Edited on December 4, 2020:

Notes on R3.0.  This is the "reduced PC" release.  The initial release gives us 1 PC.  Not all configurations will be supported by 1 PC.  Later releases will add the flexibility to use whatever number of PCs per side you want.

edited on March 6, 2020, to add the following test data:

JSL v8.1 is not compatible with DLSS-14a. It requires a Gymea change available in the DLSS-15a RC2, as determined by testing at Memjet. 

Xitron DuraLink R2.3 with JSL v8.1 is compatible with DLSS-15a
Xitron DuraLink R2.3 with JSL v8.1 is not compatible with DLSS-14.
Xitron DuraLink R2.3 with JSL v7 is compatible with DLSS-14, but the 3 new features mentioned below are not supported by JSL and/or the printer firmware.

The Xitron release (candidate?) R2.3 for DLSS-15a was tested for 3 new features:

  • narrow jobs (e.g., those occupying <= 1 PH on a 2-wide system) with 2 configurations: output only on leftmost PH and output only on rightmost PH (testing passed on 1 of these 2 configurations).
  • disabled print bars
  • duplicate colors in a single-engine stage 
    • o    interleaved mode, where each PH prints every other line at 395 dpi, with 2 configurations: odd rows from first PH or even rows from first PH
    • o    overprinted mode, for greater optical density

If JSL v8.1 is used with DLSS-14, then the Xitron spooler will not indicate that sending the job has completed and the job will not enter the print engine queue (will not be visible in the Oatley UI). Memjet is investigating the lack of a fault, in this case, so the issue may present differently in future DLSS releases.

Note: Xitron's r2.3 was bypassed and its improvements were released in r2.4.