When the roam window does not appear, it is most likely due to the fact that it is positioned off the visible area of the monitor.   The following is a description of how to reset the location of the roam window. Before following the steps below back up your rip.


  1. We must first locate the file called windowpostions.  This is located at X:\Navigator\Navigator 12.0r1\SW\Config (X represents HD where the rip is located)


  1. Once we have located the WindowPositions file we need to open it in a notepad.  Scroll down and find the entry Roam, as shown in the image below.




  1. Once we have located the roam entry we need to modify the values set in x and y.  We need to change both of these values to 0.

  1. Once that is done we should be able to restart the rip, roam a file and have it appear on screen.