Loading a Soft-Lock License on a Windows 10 Platform


Xitron’s Navigator Rip licensing is handled with LDK Product Keys. These codes have taken the place of USB hardware dongles used previously.


Depending on the environment where the RIPs installed, we must specify whether this code is used on a standard Windows platform (this requires a soft-lock or SL key) or in a Virtual Environment (this requires a virtual machine lock or VL key).


In Windows 10, the LDK tool (used to activate the license) may incorrectly interpret a virtual desktop is in use, when in fact, it is not. The LDK tool may prompt the following error message:


Activation failed (400): Could not generate the license because; Product id 100 will be completely unusable on virtual machine. VM enabled features are required for provided
 VM fingerprint/current-state.’


To overcome this, we need to disable Hyper-V.  
From the Windows Start Menu, type in the word features.
 Select ‘Turn Windows Features On or Off’



Deselect the checkbox for both Selections under ‘Hyper-V’




Close this window and reboot the computer.

You can now use the LDK Tool to activate your Product Key.