Product relevance:  Navigator RIPs driving Memjet Duralink, Beech, or Aspen printheads.

 This Tech Note explains how to use the Multi Rip tool to fix issues where SOAR will not launch a rip, or when you have multiple rips installed on your system, and you wish to change which one is started and controlled by SOAR.

Please make sure to look at the attached PDF file for more detail.


Step 1: Download the Multi rip tool. Dropbox link below.


Step 2: Open the zip-file you downloaded (Multi RIP config and copy the folder inside (Multi RIP config tool) to your desktop.


Step 3: Open the Multi RIP config tool folder, and double click on MULTIRip.hta 



 Step 4: The Multi Rip Config user interface is below. Unless you previously used the tool on the PC you are working on, it will show all rips as blank (even if SOAR is currently controlling a rip. 

Step 5: Before fix or change which rips controlled by SOAR, we need to know which rip instance the servers set to open. Log into the Navigator server, and select Manage Workflow actions. Select your Rip Action, and then the  Edit Action.  



Step 6: Note which rip instance your rip actions configured. Note: this Rip Actions set to be Rip Instance 0.

Step 7: Now that we know the Rip Instance number, you can close the Workflow Action editor, and you should shut down your Navigator server.


Step 8: Switch back to the Multi Rip tool. Now that we know the Rip Instance, we wish SOAR to control (or to repair SOAR) find the row corresponding to that Rip Instance and hit browse. In this case, we are setting Rip Instance 0. 



Step 9: Browse to the rip's .exe file, select it, and hit open.

Step 10: Press Set. Note the Multi Rip Tool will display a message that it is working, and then it will display the name of the rip .exe file as Rip Instance 0. (See below) the



Step 11: After the rip instances set, you may start the Navigator server, and it will launch the .exe file you designated as Rip Instance 0. If you wish to toggle between rips, you can reopen the Multi Rip Tool, and change the rip SOAR controls by hitting the "Browse" button again and setting the rip .exe to whichever rip you wish SOAR to control.