Creating NTPIPE Shared Windows Printers


These instructions will walk you through creating a shared NTPIPE input channel and printer at your Windows-based RIP computer. This printer can then be shared out and printed to from both Macintosh and Windows systems on the network.


Before continuing it is important to note that you will need to have the RIP COMPUTER’S USERNAME and PASSWORD. If your RIP computer does not have a PASSWORD associated with the current USERNAME, please create a password before continuing. The USER will also need to have administrative privileges in order to create shared printers.


[STEP #1] On the RIP Computer:


  1. Start the RIP software. Go to the RTI RIP-Kit menu and scroll down to Input Controller. Once the Input Controller window opens, click “New” to create a new input channel. Under the Name field, type a Name for the Input Channel (we suggest using the same name as your Page Setup). You will want to write down the name of your input channel (case and space sensitive). Under Type select “NT Pipe.” Next, select the desired page setup you would like this input to use.


  1. Next, start the Inputs by click on the GREEN TRAFFIC LIGHT in the main RIP menu.


  1. Next, go to the Windows icon and go to the CONTROL PANEL or go to the Start menu and select “Printers and Faxes.” Click “Add a printer.” Click the “Next” button, then select “Local Printer attached to this computer.” Click “Next” again and then select “Create a new port.” For the type of port select “Local Port.” Click Next.


Enter the following:


Where [                          ] = the Input Channel Name entered in step 1 above. Do not include [ ] in the name. NOTE: This is case and space sensitive.


  1. Click “Next” then browse to select the RTI PPD which is located on the RIP DVD. Next, enter a name for the printer and click “Next.” You will also want to share the printer and will need to enter a share name. After you have shared the printer, click “Next” and then Finish.


  1. Repeat this process for each of the page setups you would like to print to.


[STEP #2] On the Design Computers:


Macintosh Based Design Computers:


  1. Go to APPLE – System Preferences – Print & Scan (or Print & Fax) depending on your version of the Macintosh operating system. NOTE: Before you connect and add the printer you will need to have the USERNAME and PASSWORD for the RIP computer. If you do not have the USERNAME and PASSWORD for the RIP computer please get this information before proceeding. NOTE: You must have a PASSWORD on the Windows RIP computer in order for these instructions to work.


  1. Within the Print & Scan (or Print & Fax) window, click the WINDOWS PRINTING tab. Next, browse the network and select your RIP computer. When you first connect to the computer, you will be prompted to enter the USERNAME and PASSWORD. It is important that you enter the USER LOGIN and PASSWORD for the RIP computer. You should also check ADD TO KEYCHAIN so that the Macintosh stores the password in its database for future use. NOTE: DO NOT USE THE MACINTOSH SYSTEM’S LOGIN AND PASSWORD because you are connecting to the RIP. You must enter the RIP COMPUTER’S LOGIN and PASSWORD. Once you have done this, you will see the shared printer you created. Highlight the printer and then at the bottom select the PPD. You can browse to the RTI PPD which is provided on the RIP DVD. Once you have selected the RTI PPD you can click the “Add” button to add the printer to your system. It is important to note that on older Macintosh systems, you will need to open up notepad or another application and print one file to the printer. At this point, you may be prompted for the RIP COMPUTER’S USERNAME and PASSWORD once more. Enter the RIP COMPUTER’S USERNAME and PASSWORD then check ADD TO KEYCHAIN (if available) and click PRINT. After this, you will no longer need to enter the USERNAME and PASSWORD when using this particular printer. Repeat this process for all of your shared printers.


Windows Based Design Computers:


  1. Go to the Windows design computer you would like to add the printer on and browse the network for the RIP computer. Double click on the RIP computer and enter the RIP COMPUTER’S USERNAME and PASSWORD (if prompted). Next double click on the shared printers you created. The printers will automatically be added to your design computer.