XitronRIP.PPD in the new MAC OS version

  1. Create the Socket input in the RIP (you will assign a port number to the Socket. Something like 9100)
  2. Open System Setting on the MAC and create a Printer
  3. Select the IP tab
  4. Create New Printer
  5. Enter the RIP PC IP Address and port number of the Socket Input (eg.
  6. Name the Printer (Use the Page Setup name)
  7. Select HP JETDIRECT SOCKET as type
  8. Select Generic Print Driver
  9. Save
  10. Launching Safari. 
  11. Enter “localhost:631” in the Safari browser address bar 
  12. It should load a page that reads: “Web Interface is Disabled The web interface is currently disabled. Run “cupsctl WebInterface=yes” in a CMD prompt to enable”
  13. Close Safari 
  14. Launch Terminal on the MAC. 
  15. Enter the following command: cupsctl WebInterface=yes 
  16. Click enter 
  17. Close the CMD prompt
  18. Launch Safari 
  19. Enter “localhost:631” in the Safari browser address bar. 
  20. This will now load the CUPS 2.3.1 (This is the version that was loaded from a clean install of Catalina. The version could vary.) 
  21. At the top of the web page select Printers at the top. 
  22. Select the printer that was created to print into the RIP. 
  23. This will open a new page. You will see two drop-down menus under Printer name, Maintenance & Administration. Open the Administration menu, and select Modify Printer. 
  24. Under Modify Printer /Other Network Printers select Windows printer via spooler and click continue. 
  25. The next window displays information about the print. Do not change, just click continue. 
  26. This window shows the Description, Location, Connection, and Sharing. You can label the location and set it to share, then click continue. 
  27. Under Provide a PPD file Click Choose button and browse to the XitronRIP.PPD. 
  28. Click Modify Printer. 
  29. You can now close Safari and Print your job.