The Variable Data Merge allows you to easily combine variable print jobs with static graphics inside the mColor workflow. For example, you may want to add a company logo to a variable data envelope job produced in a mailing program such as Satori Bulk Mailer. By combining the files in the workflow, maximum color data, including spot colors information, can be retained for maximum quality output. 

To get started quickly, you may want to watch this video:

1. Add static images or background graphics to the image input workflow

Before you complete the merge you must add your static graphics to the VDM Image Library. To do so, drag the files into the VDM Image Input workflow (Either HD-CX Image Input or M Series Image Input).

You can add jpg, png postscript or PDF static elements.

mColor will process the files, and they will disappear from the workflow when they are processed successfully. The files are moved into the VDM library where they can be merged with variable data jobs. 

2. Add the variable data job into the Merge workflow

Add the variable data job into the merge workflow. (Either VDM Merge or HD-CX Merge depending on your device)

You can add a job (PDF or Postscript) to the merge workflow using the same methods you use to add a job into any mColor workflow, such as dragging and dropping onto the client. Additionally, you can use XiPrinter to print into the Merge workflow from an application, such as Satori Bulk Mailer, that does not have a PDF Export option. 

3. Open the VDM Layout Editor

In the VDM Merge workflow, right-click on the job you wish to merge. Select "Open in Graphic Editor" to open the graphic editor page. 

4. Add graphics to the layout

Add graphics by dragging them and dropping them from the VDM Library panel onto the layout. You may add multiple graphics to one layout. 

Position, resize and crop 

  1. To move agraphic, drag it around the layout.
  2. To resize the graphic, click the graphic until a blue circle appears in the lower right corner of the image. Drag the circle to reduce or enlarge the size of the graphic.
  3. To crop the graphic, click on it until a blue quarter circles appear in the upper left and lower right corners of the graphic. Drag these shapes to crop the graphic as desired.

6. Finish the Merge

When the happy with the layout, click the Merge button to close the window and proceed with the merge. Depending on the browser you are using, the browser may close automatically or prompt you whether to close the browser.