This guide explains how to print into the mColor workflow from Satori Bulk Mailer. 

Select the XiPrinter Output Device

  1. Prepare the mailing for printing. 

  2. From the Bulk Mailer layout editor, locate the device settings in the "Output" section of the "General Settings" tab. Choose XiPrinter.

Select your mColor server and workflow

  1. Click Properties in the Print Setup dialog box. 

  2. Click the XiPrinter tab

  3. If the name shown in the Rip Manager Server doesn't match the computer name that the mColor workflow is installed on, click the browse button and locate the mColor Server on the network.

  4. Select the workflow to print to. The preinstalled workflows M Series - VDM Merge and HD-CX VDM Merge are preconfigured for VDM.

Adjust the paper size and other print settings

  1. Click the Advanced tab.

  2. Adjust Paper Size or any other desired settings.

Print the job into mColor

Make sure XiPrinter is still selected as the Printer and print the job as usual. 


The job should now appear in the workflow ready for further processing. Jobs released from Satori Bulk Mailer are usually named "Labels".