Changing the Duralink Server from Production mode to DEMO or ABT mode


This Xitron Tech note, we will explain how to switch the Duralink Navigator Server into Demo mode or ABT file output mode. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not begin these steps unless you make sure the Navigator server is not running. If it is running, shut it down before beginning this process.


Step 1: Go to Windows File Explorer and type in the path %appdata%. This path will bring up the Windows Application Data folder. (See screenshot).

Step 2: Double click the Xitron folder in the Windows Application Data Folder. (See screenshot).

Step 3: Double click the Navigator subfolder. (See screenshot).

Step 4: Open the highlighted file XiFlowServer.ini from the above screenshot in a text editing program like Notepad. (See screenshot).

Step 5: Find the XiFlowServer.ini file line that says FakeNxM=0, and change that value to 1. (See screenshot)

Step 6: Close and save the XiFlowServer.ini file with the FakeNxM value set to 1.

Step 7: After saving the XiFlowServer.ini, we need to change the subfolder we are working in

from %appdata%\Xitron\Navigator to %appdata%\Xitron\NxMSpooler. You can type the path

%appdata%\Xitron\NxMSpooler directly into Windows File Explorer. (See screenshot).

Step 8: Open the NxMSpooler.ini file in Notepad or any text editing program. (See screenshot).

Step 9: In the text editing program, find the line that says FakeNxM=0 as you did in Step 5, and apply the same edit you did that step so that the value for FakeNxM=1. (See screenshot).

Step 10: After the change, your NxMSpooler.ini file should look like the following screenshot. Close and save the .ini file. (See screenshot).

Step 11: Launch the Navigator Server and all rips. On the Spooler, click on "Configure" (See screenshot).

Step 12: Repeat Step 11 on all remote PCs. You may have to set all the other Spoolers into ABT or Demo mode, depending on your needs.

Note: A Duralink system should never be left in ABT mode for any length of time. ABT files are gigantic and will quickly overwhelm your available hard disk space if you leave ABT mode running for more than a handful of pages.