Updating Navigator Licensing

Components with the Update RIP Tool

LDK Update RIP Installer

 The Update RIP tool updates two components related to licensing the Navigator RIP.


1. The LDK Runtime. This is a background service used to license the Navigator RIP and other Global Graphics software. This tool updates the runtime to version 7.103. LDK Runtime versions prior to this are incompatible with the Windows 10 May 2020 Update (2004) and later versions of Windows. It is necessary to run this update tool prior to performing the May 2020 Windows 10 update. Failure to do this will result in the upgrade failing.


2. The LDK Tool. This tool is necessary to license your Navigator product or add a licensable feature after the initial activation. Due to changes made to enhance product security, versions of the LDK Tool prior to 2.0 will be unable to activate rips or add new features after November 3rd 2020. Running this update tool updates the components necessary to avoid or resolve the issues above.


If the machine already has Windows 10 May 2020 update (2004) prior to installing Navigator...


If the machine already has Windows 10 May 2020 update (2004) prior to installing Navigator, it is necessary to run a PreInstall tool to load the LDK Runtime on the machine before running the Navigator installer.

 In this case, follow the instructions below. If not, proceed to "Locate and run RIPupdater.exe"

Run PreInstall.bat to preinstall the LDK runtime.


Accept UAC Prompt if prompted



After the installer is complete, you will receive a message the "Operation has been successfully completed".


Proceed with installing Navigator. When the Navigator installation is completed, continue with the rest of the guide.



Locate and run RIPupdater.exe

If the updater is located inside of a zip file, unzip the folder before running.



Follow prompts once they appear, to update the system

Before continuing with the tool, shut down Navigator Server, RIPs and all other Xitron software.



Locate your RIP installation (Automatic)


In most cases, the update tool will automatically locate your RIP installation folder. Enter "Y" and press enter to confirm.



Locate your RIP installation (Manual)


If the correct RIP wasn't successfully identified by the tool, you will be prompted to manually browse for the rip file. The path on your PC will vary.

For SOAR/HMR RIPs:, browse to the file XITRON.exe.
For instance: C:\Navigator\Navigator 12.0r1\XITRON.exe

For HHR/DFE RIPs, browse to the file clrip.exe:
 For instance: C:\Navigator\Renderers\NR_1\bin\clrip.exe


Wait for update to complete


The system will update the required components. Click "OK" on any UAC or other messages that pop up. You will receive a message the update has completed, and the window will close.



LDK Update RIP Installer