Duraflex Render Config Edit if you run across the error:

"error: rangecheck; OffendingCommand: setsystemparams; File: $configps$Duraflex 954"



(This is probably only encountered by development and beta systems.  If you have a production system that is not beta, do not worry about this.  If you do encounter this problem, contact Xitron Support and we can fix it with a simple file copy to update your system.)


You will need to open each render config in a text editor and modify it. This includes the "_template" as well.


Render Config Locations:





      You do not need to apply this change to the _XiPng72dpi, _XiPng100dpi, _XiPng150dpi, or Monochrome72dpi,  


Add this text string to all of the Render configs. It goes in place of "/OverrideSpotFunctionName /AIS-CMYK "


%  /OverrideSpotFunctionName /AIS-CMYK

  /OverrideSpotFunctionName /HDS-B


Before the Edit:

After editing: