Splitting a job in Sierra into different sections

As you know, you can manipulate each press sheet in a variety of ways, but one item that must remain a constant throughout your press sheets is the paper size.  If, for example, you have a 16 page saddle-stitched book, but the cover has to run on a different sheet size.  Rather than split apart the pages into another Sierra job, we can keep everything together.

Once you have your PDF(s) loaded, you can drag all of the pages on the plate icon as normal, creating “Section 1.”  We will use Section 1 for the cover for this example.  Now grab the pages for the text (pages 3-14), and right click on them.   You will see an option to either delete or move those selected pages.  Select Move pages.

This will open a pop-up window asking you where to move the pages.  Select New Section.

Now drag another “Plate” workflow item into your workflow.  It will automatically connect to the press.

Now click on the first plate workflow item, and you will see that your Section 1 still has the green arrows.   This means it is assigned to the top plate workflow item.

Now click on the new plate workflow item, and assign Section 2 to it by clicking on the red arrow adjacent to the Section 2 header.

Now you can set up each section as needed with different templates and paper sizes, but only having one job in Sierra, with one PDF feeding it.