Xitron Navigator has limited JDF support.

We only support a limited subset of JDF for the purposes of job submission and copy count.  

You can submit a JDF to our hotfolder system.  When we see a JDF file instead of a PDF file we examine the JDF file for two things:

1. The path to the PDF file for print.

2. the copy count.

If you want to make a JDF that looks like the one we show below, then we'll accept that, provided that we have access to the path listed in the JDF for the print PDF file.

Once the JDF is made and the JDF is dropped into the correct hotfolder, the server will parse the JDF as long as it can resolve the name and path of the job file, the server will retrieve any job files in the JDF and automatically create jobs in the Navigator server. 


It is important that the Navigator PC is given enough permission to get the PDFs from the  

where ever they are stored.   You may need your IT department's involvement to resolve the path/permissions issues (the full domain name has to be in the path and not the shortened name.) 


We will also pull the quantity information from the JDF and automatically set the quantity for the job. 

(related article:  Setting copy count and page range via JSON)

Example JDF:

<JDF AgentName=”PJM” Status=”Waiting” Type=”Combined” Types=”LayoutPreparation Imposition Interpreting Rendering DigitalPrinting Stacking” DescriptiveName=”GR0000546778” ID=”11605365” xmlns=”http://www.CIP4.org/JDFSchema_1_1”> 
  <Comment Name=”JobSpec”></Comment> 
    <Device Class=”Implementation” Status=”Available” DeviceType=”HP Indigo Press” DeviceID=”Aspen” ID=”Device1” > 
      <GeneralID IDUsage=”QueueDestination” IDValue=”Held” /> 
    <Media Class=”Consumable” Status=”Available” DescriptiveName=”025” ID=”Media1” /> 
<Media Class=”Consumable” Status=”Available” DescriptiveName=”025” ID=”Media2” /> 
    <DigitalPrintingParams Class=”Parameter” Status=”Available” ID=”DigitalPrintingParams1” Collate=”Sheet” PageDelivery=”SameOrderFaceUp” OutputBin=”NoneSent” PartIDKeys=”SheetIndex”> 
      <MediaRef rRef=”Media1” /> 
  <DigitalPrintingParams SheetIndex=”0”><MediaRef rRef=”Media2” /></DigitalPrintingParams> 
    <RunList Class=”Parameter” Status=”Available” Pages=”0 ~ -1” ID=”RunList1” PartIDKeys=”Run”> 
<LayoutPreparationParams Class=”Parameter” ID=”LayoutPreparationParams1” Sides=”OneSidedFront” Rotate=”1005” Status=”Available”> 
           <RunList EndOfDocument=”true” Pages=”0 ~ -1” Run=”1” DocCopies=”5”> 
<FileSpec URL=”file:\\LOKI\users\mark\_temp\JDFInput\PDFs\GR0000546778.pdf” MimeType=”application/pdf” /> 
<RunList EndOfDocument=”true” Pages=”0 ~ -1” Run=”2” DocCopies=”2”> 
<FileSpec URL=”file:\\LOKI\users\mark\_temp\JDFInput\PDFs\SlipSheet_11605365.pdf” MimeType=”application/pdf” /> 
    <FeedingParams Class=”Parameter” ID=”FeedingParams1” Status=”Available”> 
       <Feeder  /> 
    <StackingParams Class=”Parameter” ID=”StackingParams1” Status=”Available”> 
          <FeedingParamsRef rRef=”FeedingParams1” /> 
       <Disjointing  /> 
    <Component ComponentType=”Sheet” Class=”Quantity” Status=”Unavailable” ID=”Component1” /> 
    <DeviceLink rRef=”Device1” Usage=”Input” /> 
    <MediaLink rRef=”Media1” Usage=”Input” /> 
    <MediaLink rRef=”Media2” Usage=”Input” /> 
    <DigitalPrintingParamsLink rRef=”DigitalPrintingParams1” Usage=”Input” /> 
    <RunListLink rRef=”RunList1” Usage=”Input” /> 
    <LayoutPreparationParamsLink rRef=”LayoutPreparationParams1” Usage=”Input”/>”/> 
    <StackingParamsLink rRef=”StackingParams1” Usage=”Input” /> 
    <ComponentLink rRef=”Component1” Usage=”Output” Amount=”1” />