To add paper sizes to the DFE

Edit the configuration file directly.

To do that, open it in a decent text editor like Notepad++.  It's located at Navigator/Navigator/Config/Media Sizes/Media.lst/

You'll see this:

Format for the file

Each paper size is on a separate line.

To add one, just type the name you wish to see in the DFE followed by the equals sign.  After the equals sign, put the size in micrometers inside quotation marks and separated by a comma.

So to add a 9x12 inch media  place your cursor after the last line, hit return and start typing.  

The numbers are in micrometers.  So to go from inches to micrometers multiply by 25400.  Millimeters to micrometers is *1000. 

You can get your micrometer conversions here pretty easily if you like. 

You can also download our default media lists for HP FI-1000 and Memjet Duraflex printers from this article. 

If you want to use one of them, download it, unzip it and put the resulting media.lst file at Navigator/Navigator/Config/Media Sizes/

For an explanation on how to use a custom media size to move jobs across the printhead, look here.