As with most print suppliers, Sierra users have a lot of repetitive work. Fortunately, we

have the ability to automate the job templates for those workflows. This would be suitable for a number of tasks, for example, a 16-page Newsletter printed on a conventional press or a group of business cards printed on a digital device.


We’ll be using a combination of hot folders and pre-assigned imposition templates to fully automate production.


You’ll begin by creating a new job template. If you have a base template in place, we’ll 

start by copying that template.


Within Admin>Templates>Job Templates, simply highlight the desired workflow and 

click ‘New.’


If you don’t have a base template, simply highlight ‘New Default’ and click ‘New.’



Enter a descriptive name for your template:


As seen in the window below, we’ll choose a hot folder location. This is where you’ll 

submit PDF files for your job.





Click ‘Add’ and browse to the location of your hot folder. Click ‘Add Folder’ if you need to create a suitable input hot folder.






Open the folder and click ‘Add’


The directory should look like this:






 In the ‘Page Prep Preferences’ we’ll check the following two boxes:






This is an important step for a hands-free workflow.


Next, we’ll select a suitable imposition template, as seen here:





Verify the output location and click ‘Save.’







In this example, we’ll drop our PDF file into this directory: C:\Input HF\Ryobi 16 Pg. Newsletter


The PDF will be imposed and a 1-bit TIFF file will be deposited into the Ryobi folder of RasterBlaster, our TIFF-catcher software.


If your goal is to reach a digital device that supports hot folder input, we would direct our output as described on the next page.


The steps for digital devices are similar, but the imposition template is chosen in a different area. Highlight your PDF Export module (labeled ‘Canon imagePress’ in this example), select the ‘Imposition’ module and choose your template from the drop-down menu:




Verify the output location for your digital device and click ‘Save.’