Using Pitstop Action Lists and Profiles in Sierra

As you know, Sierra can import and utilize your custom Enfocus Pitstop Action Lists and Preflight Profiles.   While this can help your workflow dramatically, there is a possible issue.  As of Sierra version 7.1.1, the Enfocus Library is version 13, however the current release of Enfocus Pitstop is version 21.  Some of your Action Lists may still work, but you will need to test them in your version of Sierra.

To import Action Lists or Preflight Profiles into Sierra, you need to first export them from Acrobat.   Find the specific Action List, or Preflight Profile, and click on the gear in the upper right corner.  In the menu that opens, select Import/Export, then select Export.  Save this file.


Once you have the file, open your Sierra Client, then click on the Admin option.


Now Select the Preflight and Action Lists task.  Here you see the preloaded Action Lists and Preflight Profiles.  You can import new Action Lists and Preflight Profiles, by simply clicking on Import, and navigating to the correct profile.  You can also export the preflight profiles and/or action list items, bring them into your version of Pitstop, and see exactly what they do.


Now, you can either edit a job template, or a pre-existing job in the queue.  Select Preflight & Action Lists from your Job Settings, and you can select what Preflight Option you would like to run.


Just below the PDF profile selection, you can choose the Action List(s) you would like.  Unlike the Preflight Profile, where you can only choose 1 option, you can select several Action Lists to run.  Once you highlight the Action List from the pull-down menu, you must click the Add to List button.  This will then place it in the Action Lists box.  You can repeat this process to add as many Action Lists as you wish.

If you select the action list from the pull-down menu, but don’t click the Add to List button, it will not load the action list into the Action List options, and will not apply it to your job. This must be done for every action list you select.

We have tested Action Lists and Preflight Profiles from updated versions of Enfocus Pitstop (beyond version 13).  We found that while some worked well, some did not work as intended, while others caused errors in Sierra.  Each imported Action List or Preflight Profile must be tested carefully.  The optimal scenario is to run the Action Lists and Preflight Profiles before you drop the PDF into Sierra.


Below is a link to download action lists from Enfocus:


Below is a link to download preflight profiles from Enfocus: