In this document we maintain a list of compatible versions.  They are grouped by column.  

For example, Memjet's Duraflex firmware version 5.0.2 requires Xitron's Navigator DFE version 5.1.1.

Those two pieces of information are usually all you will need to know.  Because sometimes we will release a bug fix out of sync with a full version installer, we also track the versions of components inside the main release.  You won't ordinarily need to bother with that information.  When in doubt, ask your support representative.

Xitron DuraFlex Compatibility Matrix

Memjet Firmware4.

Xitron Navigator DFE version5.
Xitron components
Workflow8. (Build 107)
DFE Web Client1.
DuraFlex Spooler1.

5.1.1 version note:

Navigator for Duraflex 5.1.1 supports either Memjet Duraflex firmware 4.2.3 or 5.0.2.  Run the installer and then run the switcher app.  The switcher app detects the version from the printer and installs the correct bits to support that version.  You can run the switcher app again and again to switch back and forth. between support for firmware versions 4.2.3 and 5.02.

6.0.2 version note:

You should only run r6.0.2 with f/w 5.2.2 or later because of the additional features in the UI which match up to new features in f/w 5.2.2.  These features are not available in previous f/w versions.

7.0 version note:

This is for 2-wide printer support.  6.0.2 is the 1-wide printer current release as of July 20, 2022.  An upcoming release in q1 2023 will merge the two systems together.  For now, r7 is for 2wide and 6.0.2 is for 1-wide.

8.0 version note:

This release is intended for the 1-wide DuraFlex. 7.0 is the release to use for 2-wide until a future release. BackRest from R6 to R8 should be straightforward for migration. If migrating from a previous version, please create the render config and color profile for 640DPI using HDS Medium as well as assigning the calibration for 640DPI.

9.0/9.0.1 version note:

This release supports all variants of the DuraFlex product line which includes one-wide and two-wide simplex and duplex, as well as POD.