If you wish to submit jobs with copy count and page range automatically set by an outside application you can do so by following along with the instructions described in this article.

We used Navigator Server version 8.4.4 to test what is described here.  

We used a 12 page PDF to illustrate the capability.

First, submit the job in any of the normal ways.  

Right click the job in the list and choose Output Options.

What you will see when you submit a job normally is that the default is to print 1 copy of all the pages in the job.

In this case you will get 1 copy of each of the 12 pages in the PDF.

If you wish to change anything, you can do so manually.

However, if you wish to set copy count or page range with an external process then you can use a JSON formatted file to command the system.

A JSON file formatted like this will do the trick:

The variables are in red.  

The important parts are:

JobFilePath : the path to the PDF you wish to print

NumberOfCopies : the copy count for the print job

PageRange : the start and end page you wish to print

In this case we are asking for 157 copies of pages 2 through 8.

As long as the path mentioned in the JSON is accessible by Navigator, you can just submit the JSON file to our hotfolder.  We will go pick up the PDF file.  The name of the JSON file is unimportant to us.  Use whatever name you like.

In the case below we are submitting the JSON file to a hotfolder for a workflow named "Test" inside our shared Workflows directory at C:\Navigator\Workflows\Test\.  

And now you have a copy of the PDF file in Navigator with the copy count and page range automatically set.

Note:  The JSON file shown above is attached to this article.

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