What Is a DS_Store File in my
Navigator Hot Folders?


We are often asked about what appears to be a phantom file located within Navigator Hot Folders.

The file is called ‘DS_Store’ and will look like this:

DS_Store files are created automatically on a MacOS. Their purpose is to help your Mac maintain the folder’s display settings. They are created by the Finder, and contain all the information about the folder, such as previous window position, the size and shape of the window, icon positions, and more.

When a Navigator input hot folder accepts files from a Mac, this file may be seen but not processed by the Navigator RIP. It is harmless, but feel free to delete it, if you wish.

These files won’t cause any harm to your Mac, PC or the Navigator software.

While it isn’t necessary, these files can be removed. On the PC, you can simply right-click and select ‘Delete.’  

From your Mac, follow the instructions below.

Navigate to Applications > Utilities > Terminal

Find the folder with the DS_Store you want to remove.

Next, you need to type cd into Terminal and add the folder path immediately after.

 It should look like this:

    cd /Users/username/foldername

Press Enter

Type the following command:

     find . -name ‘.DS_Store’ -type f -delete

Press Enter

The DS_Store file will be removed.