How to Load an Archived set of Databases in Navigator


  1. Close the Navigator Server & Client if running.

  2. Browse to the Navigator Server folder (folder containing the XiFlowServer.exe)
    Usual location C:\Navigator\Navigator

  3. Make a copy of the existing XML that you will be replacing on the desktop or somewhere else that is easily accessible. We recommend making a folder on the desktop to save them in. (Xiflow.actions.xml,, Xiflow.SCA.xml, Xiflow.SysDev.xml, and/or

  4. Now browse to the ArchivedDBs folder. Usual location C:\Navigator\Navigator\ArchivedDBs

  5. Open the folder with the date that you would like to pull the archive from. Depending on when the issue arose, you may need to go back a day or two from that date.

  6. Copy the XMLs that you need from the dated ArchivedDBs folder and paste them into the Navigator Server folder. Usual location C:\Navigator\Navigator

  7. You can now launch Navigator Server and check the system out.