Why does Inp02 convert my spot colors to process color after the file is imposed?



For example, I have started with a single business card:


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Notice in the ‘Output Preview’ window,  I have two spot colors 

PANTONE 541 CVU, PANTONE 1665 CVU and Process Black inks.









Once the job is imposed in Inpo2 using the Wizard or a layout template, the ‘Output Preview’ changes and looks like this: 


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At this point, it appears the spot colors have been converted to a process build.


In reality, the file is not in a PDF format at this point, so the Output Preview isn’t showing us the final product.


We’ll create the final product by choosing “Output’ from our Inp02 Tools.





We can direct these files to a Navigator Hot Folder or any desired directory on your network.


By default, the resulting file would be called FileName_Output and saved to the designated location as seen here:



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If you open the resulting FileName_Output file, the ‘Output Preview’ window will show you the correct information. These are the separations that will be processed by Navigator.




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