LDK License Upgrade offline:


  1. Open the LDK tool on the customer PC
  2. Click More...
  3. Click Update License
  4. Click Update for this computer
  5. No Internet access
  6. Select the Key ID from the dropdown menu
  7. Click Update...
  8. Save the Key.ID file to the desktop or somewhere that is easily accessed. Then copy it to the PC that you will use to update the license. Leave the LDK tool open and at this stage.
  9. Now go to the PC that you will use to upgrade the license and open the LDK Took. It must have internet access.
  10. Click More...
  11. Click Update License
  12. Click Update for a different computer
  13. Enter the Product Key update code
  14. Click Activate
  15. Browse to the Key.ID file that you saved in Step 8 and select it
  16. Save the new V2C file to the desktop or somewhere easily accessible
  17. You will get an Activation successful message. Click OK
  18. Copy the V2C file to the original PC
  19. Go back to LDK tool and click Locate...
  20. Browse to the V2C file from step 18 and select it.
  21. You will now get a message V2C file application successful.
  22. Click OK, you are complete.