Improved job chaining.

Enhancements to improve overall flexibility of what jobs can chain.  Particular attention is being paid to small-page-count jobs as this is where the problems are.

Implement TOF and spit bar controls into DFE.

Adjustments to the TOF offset and spit bar offset are being added to the DuraFlex job properties screen.

Distribution of odds and evens to two different printers

To facilitate a limited duplex for R&D, beta installations, and trade shows

New job attributes for column sorting.

Additional fields are now being added to allow for easier sorting of the jobs list to allow end users to customize the view and sort order of their queues based on their workflow needs.  This will allow easier grouping of jobs for chaining or for running on the same paper stock, regardless of what order the jobs were submitted.

Navigator Configuration Editor (NCE) facelift and tone curve creation

The NCE is getting an aesthetic update to conform to the overall design of the DFE.  A Tone Curve management tab is being added to give greater access to the tone curve capabilities of the Harlequin RIP.  Of particular note is the decision of a recent color management consultant hired by Memjet to use Tone Curves in his process of color control in the RIP.  This should be made easier going forward.  


Online Help

Links to help articles are being added to the upper right of the NCE tabs for easy access to knowledgebase articles for the associated tab.


TIFF input

TIFF input support to allow outside ripped files to print through the Navigator DFE print controller.


Paper path start/stop

Paper path start/stop via a USB relay card.

Paper path start/stop via Modbus.

Target release date:  Q1 2022.  


Stitched wide DuraFlex  

2 - wide

Scalable RIP


Duplex support

Expanding Navigator for DuraFlex to support two-wide print head configurations and duplex printing. 

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